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Let's get chic together in just 5 days!

Start: Wednesday, September 13th 2023
End: Sunday, September 17th 2023

Are you tired of standing in front of your overflowing closet, overwhelmed and frustrated with too many choices, none of which makes you look and feel your best? 


Perhaps thinking about all the money you’ve spent on clothing that you never (or rarely) actually wore makes you quiver…


Or maybe you just haven’t yet found that style formula that works every single time, even if you tried copying it from influencers you admire or magazines…the clothes you purchase go out of style so quickly – you can’t keep up!

Let's change that for good!

You are one click away from confidently stepping into your morning routine each day, knowing that every item in your wardrobe effortlessly complements your style and makes you feel amazing!

Introducing: The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

A capsule wardrobe will change your life!

Why? Because a capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of versatile, high-quality clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of outfits.

It’s about quality over quantity, focusing on timeless pieces that reflect your style and can be worn for various occasions.


Simplicity & Ease

Say goodbye to decision fatigue and wasted time figuring out what to wear.

With a capsule wardrobe, you'll have a carefully selected set of items you love and feel confident wearing, making getting dressed a breeze.


Efficiency & Less Clutter

Less clutter means more efficiency.

A streamlined wardrobe helps you quickly locate your favorite pieces, speeding up your daily routine and leaving you with more time for things that truly matter.



Investing in high-quality, versatile pieces might seem like an upfront cost, but it's a smart financial move in the long run.

You'll buy less impulsively, avoid trends that quickly fade, and reduce the need for frequent shopping sprees.


Style Confidence

A capsule wardrobe encourages you to identify and embrace your style.

As you curate a collection of items that truly resonate with you, you'll develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and authenticity.



Fast fashion has a significant negative impact on the environment.

Building a capsule wardrobe supports a more sustainable fashion industry by choosing quality over quantity and reducing clothing waste.


Timeless Style

Capsule wardrobe often consist of timeless pieces that transcend trends.

This can result in a wardrobe that remains relevant and stylish over time, reducing the need to constantly update your clothing collection.

Your Ultimate 5-Day Capsule Wardrobe Transformation!

Improve your style for only $19!

What you’ll learn:

The Chic in a Week capsule wardrobe challenge consists of five video lessons where you will get daily practical, bite-sized learnings about everything you need to know about building your capsule wardrobe. 

It starts on Wednesday, September 13th, and for five days, Anna will be sharing actionable knowledge to build your timeless wardrobe. 

In addition to video training, you will have workbooks and tasks to put it all into practice, as well as a supportive community of like-minded ladies embarked on the same style journey as you!

Day 1

Day 2

Anna Bey's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Day 3

Anna Bey's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Day 4

Anna Bey's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Day 5

Anna Bey's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Special Bonus:

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Never second guess if the pieces in your Capsule Wardrobe match! With this checklist, you will never forget about any of the capsule wardrobe essentials!

…and that’s not all!

As an extra bonus, on September 18th, Anna will organise an exclusive online livestream, where you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

What you will get:

For only $19!

About Anna

A certified Image consultant and style content creator, Anna Bey understands the advantages of valuing a careful selection of quality garments rather than an overstuffed wardrobe filled with fast fashion and its continuous purchasing cycle.

Through years of studying the world’s most elegant ladies (including real-life associations and encounters), she discovered the fabrics, cuts, silhouettes, and garment construction techniques that were universally flattering to most women, enhancing their presence and confidence. 

Styling is one of Anna’s biggest passions – as an internationally acknowledged YouTube authority on classic and polished style, she has been teaching and advocating for feminine, quality, timeless clothing for over a decade.


Meet some of Anna's students:

I worked at the State Capitol, where I was among men and women who were refined and polished. They were very much used to money and all the advantages it brings. So, I wanted to upgrade my appearance. I focused on Anna’s advice, starting with my wardrobe. I started to focus on pieces that were made of excellent quality and stopped shopping for quantity.

My wardrobe decreased in size and increased in quality. I actually had to shop second-hand because I am a single mother of 3 children, and the funds were limited. My wardrobe started to come together. I found and continue to find pieces that are classic and timeless.

Today I can sit with members of Congress or other influential members of the political elite with confidence. I have grown my hair longer. I have stopped wearing loads of makeup, and I dress respectfully. I carry myself with dignity, style, and grace. I have had two promotions since following Anna, and my salary has almost doubled.
I'm really into fashion, but I would say it's not something people are taught from a young age, so I didn't have the know-how. I didn't have guidance from being young about how to navigate certain situations. There were big things about fashion, and my looks that I thought were okay before that I didn't really realize were not.
In my personal transformation was able to glow confidence and improve my appearance. I used to go to luxury hotel club lounges and country clubs with my upper-class friends. They spoke English elegantly in elegant clothes as if they were in the pictures of fashion magazines. At that time, I was wearing a simple black fit-flare dress, and I felt embarrassed. I tried to find clothes that matched me and my body shape, but I was not sure if it’s right. Thanks to Anna's class, it explained all that I wanted to know! In Anna's class, I was finally able to understand it and how to express myself gracefully in a way that suits my personality.
I did not know anything about buying quality clothes. So that was the first thing that I wanted to go through my wardrobe and stop wasting money on clothes that were inferior. So that's what initially got me tuned in. I'm 57, and my daughters are in their thirties. As I listened to Anna, more than anything, I thought, "Wow, this gal, who's probably a little older than my daughter, really understands that if you want to get treated with respect, you should dress and act respectfully." I loved that message. I really like becoming the best version of myself.
I definitely have a better understanding of what makes someone look elegant and what doesn't. I used to do all sorts of pairings. I'm an artist, and I'd be really creative with my appearance because it gets you a lot of attention in this industry. But it wasn't getting me a lot of respect. So learning what respectable person looks like and how they pair their clothes, what fabric they choose and why they select specific cuts, what's suitable for my body type, and what colors I should be wearing. All of that I did not know. And learning that has definitely helped improve the way people see me.
New Rose

Fix your clothing stress once and for all!

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be starting our first lesson on September 13th and finish the last lesson on September 17th. The bonus livestream will be on Monday September 18th.

If you fall a little bit behind with the content, don’t worry, the platform will be open until September 25th. Just make sure to review all the content and download workbooks before that date.

Content will be released each day for five days, at 10 am Paris timezone (CET) / 9 am London / 4 am New York.

Each day you will receive a workbook on the platform that will help you dive deeper into that day’s content.

All the lessons are prerecorded so you can watch them at your own convenience.

On September 18th at 1 pm Paris timezone (CET) / 12 pm London / 7 am New York, Anna will be doing a live session where she will be answering your questions.

It all depends on your style of learning. Each video is about 10 minutes long, and workbooks take whatever time you need. Some students like to quickly go over the tasks and some prefer to deepen their knowledge by getting into more details.

The livestream with Anna will be on September 18th at 1 pm Paris timezone (CET) / 12 pm London / 7 am New York.

The session will be recorded so if you are unable to make it you can watch it afterward at your own convenience.

No, we will be working with the clothes you own during this challenge. However, you will discover gaps in your wardrobe that will be helpful for your future purchases.

It doesn’t matter! This challenge is not focused on style, the techniques that Anna will be teaching apply to absolutely all styles.

Not really. This is a universal formula that applies to everyone.

But please note that Anna will be using female references only in her teachings.

No, this is a capsule curation process not a styling training.

No, all the materials are digital, and you can consume on any of your devices such as computer, phone or laptop.

Due to the nature of digital goods, we have a strict NO REFUND policy.

If you have any questions about Chic in a Week challenge don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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